Angelika Geroldinger - PhD

Research fellow

Angelika Geroldinger is a research fellow at INSERM U1138 at the Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers. She is working on the project “Precision of anticancer therapy for metastatic cancers across Asian and Caucasian populations: a bridging study re-using health electronic records”. This project aims at finding dynamic treatment regimes optimizing survival for metastatic cancer patients by making use of administrative data.

Angelika did her PhD at the University of Vienna, Austria, in algebraic number theory. Subsequently, she was a research fellow at Section of Clinical Biometrics at the Medical University of Vienna. There she was involved in statistical methodological research as well as in the analysis of clinical trials conducted at the General Hospital Vienna.

Specialties: dynamic treatment regimes, penalized regression, reuse of administrative data, biostatistics.