Anita Burgun - MD, PhD

Professor of biomedical informatics

I am a professor of biomedical informatics at Paris Descartes University with interests in ontologies, biomedical terminologies, bioinformatics and data integration. I am the head of the Department of Biomedical Informatics at Necker Children’s Hospital and Georges Pompidou European Hospital, developing translational research in biomedical informatics regarding clinical/omic data Integration, secondary use of routine care data, and data driven decision support systems. As a researcher, I have been focusing on the interface between knowledge representation, and data collection. I lead a multi-disciplinary research team that is deep in biomedical informatics and statistical methodology. Our objective is to develop new methods that combine knowledge-driven and data-driven approaches to support personalized/precision medicine. My favorite topics include: integration of large-scale health data as well as data driven and ontology driven decision support.

Specialties: health and biomedical informatics, e-health, public health, connected health, ontologies, biomedical terminologies, clinical informatics.